Sound Public Policy

Replace Columbus Day Celebration With a More Appropriate Holiday

Columbus did not discover America, was not a good person, and does not deserve a holiday. By giving Columbus a holiday, it diminishes the value of Veterans Day, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, and any other holiday for that matter.

To allow such a bad person to have a holiday takes away the honor other holidays bestow upon what they recognize. Illinois needs to stop recognizing Columbus Day and replace it with someone or something worthy of honoring. Some suggestions would be to honor America’s first woman Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Adams, honoring past American Presidents with close ties to Illinois, or to honor the Native Americans most harmed by Columbus along with past tribes of Illinois.

Term Limits for General Assembly Members

Corruption has plagued Illinois politics historically and most recently. Term limits will place Illinois on the appropriate path to rid corruption from our political processes. Bubba Harsy believes in a General Assembly service limit of 16-20 years.