Hunting & Fishing

Extend Duck Season

Utah has a 107 day duck season with a 7 duck-a-day limit. Illinois’ duck season lasts just 60 days with a 6 duck-a-day limit. In an effort to encourage more Illinoisans to hunt, and more visitors to come to Illinois, we need to make efforts to extend duck season by at least 2 weeks in an effort to make it more in line with what other states allow.

There has not been an increase in season length in over 15 years, duck populations continue to rise, it is time to all duck hunters in Illinois more freedom then currently allowed.

Eliminate Catch Limits For Bass in Privately Owned and Privately Sustained Ponds and Lakes

Under current Illinois law, private land owners with self containing ponds have limits on the number of fish they can remove from those ponds. An owner can only legally remove 6 bass from his or her pond per day. Bubba Harsy believes that if a person has private control over a pond, ensures that it is properly maintained, then they have the right to take out as many bass as they choose and will works towards the elimination of this law and regulation.