Government Accountability and Protection

Government Accountability

Federal and state government employees of all agencies in Illinois should be and will be held to the same standards of laws as all other Illinois residents. Law enforcement officers will not be an exception to this, and anyone caught providing extra special criminal protections to their employees because of their current or former government employee status will be held as accessories to the crimes they attempted to cover up.

The only way to restore the image of Illinois as one of the greatest states in the nation and the image of Chicago as to one of the greatest cities in the world is to hold government employees criminally responsible for their criminal acts.

This notion that if a politician commits a crime, a teacher commits a crime, a cop commits a crime, or a Board member commits a crime we just force them to resign and in a few years they move a county over or get placed on a new Board, only to get back to their old ways has to stop.

If Bubba is elected Attorney General, every criminal act by government employees will be prosecuted, no exceptions. While he views lack of government accountability as one of the biggest problems plaguing the people of Illinois, he believes the systematic rigging of elections in a manner to limit political competition is the facilitator of his lack of accountability. Bubba will work towards breaking down these barriers in an effort to provide the people with more valid options come election time.

Protection From the Government

By trying to make third-party ballot access almost impossible, Democrats and Republicans limit most political races to a 1 vs 1 match-up that guarantees one of them get elected. Then when the party in power gets the chance, they draw their own district lines to pick who their voters are, rather than the voters picking the candidates.

To help prevent these political shenanigans and protect the people of Illinois, Bubba supports term limits, anti-gerrymandering legislation, fair ballot access to all parties, felony criminal penalties for anyone attempting to gerrymander voting districts, and felony criminal penalties for anyone caught interfering with the will of the people in primary and general elections.

Prosecuting government corruption, instilling term limits, and having fairly drawn voting districts will go a long way to restore Illinois to its glory. Bubba will work as hard as he can to accomplish all three tasks.

In order to properly prosecute government corruption, all matters involving government corruption or government employees committing crimes will be looked into. Furthermore, when any government watchgroup, government whistleblower, or citizen provides Bubba’s Office with straightforward violations of the law and all the evidence necessary to prosecute the government official or employee, he will prosecute them. No exceptions. That is the role of the Attorney General, to protect the people of Illinois from their government and the cronies closest associated with the government, and that is exactly what Bubba intends to do.

In order to instill terms limits and have fairly drawn voting districts, Bubba will work to join the efforts already being made by groups in the judicial system fighting for these causes, as well as meet with legislators in an effort to explain the importance of making efforts to have legislation passed calling for terms limits and fairly drawn voting districts to allow the people of Illinois to have their voices heard.