Elect Bubba Harsy as Illinois Attorney General in November 2018

Hello, my name is Bubba Harsy and I am the Libertarian nominee for Attorney General. I am from DuQuoin Illinois, a small town in Southern Illinois, and home of the DuQuoin State Fair. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, and obtained my juris doctor from American University in Washington D.C.

Since the early 90’s, those elected to the position of Attorney General have failed to take government corruption seriously. I promise to prosecute all government corruption, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The people of Illinois deserve better than what has been provided with our last three Attorney Generals. In the early 1990s we had Democrat Roland Burris who was later “appointed” to the same United States Senate seat that Rod Blagojevich was sent to prison for selling. Next, Republican Jim Ryan served, only to conveniently miss all of the corruption and racketeering that earned George Ryan a prison term for his time as Secretary of State and Governor.

Our current Attorney General, Democrat Lisa Madigan, has been nonexistent in prosecuting government corruption. Under her 15 year watch the corruption has only gotten worse.

This back and forth game of parties nominating Manchurian candidates to run as Attorney General who look nice, smile when they are supposed to, but completely ignore the bipartisan government corruption is destroying Illinois, and has to stop. If elected, I will make all efforts to eliminate the corruption plaguing our state.

Wherever government officials are not adhering to their responsibilities they will be criminally prosecuted, fired, forced to pay back salaries and retirement packages they did not earn. Illinois needs an Attorney General that is not afraid to rock the boat and prosecute government corruption. I am that Attorney General.

Illinois’ ever-growing political corruption has placed the state in financial ruin. Politicians are making more and more false promises, and solutions to these promises are are never actually sought out but rather kicked down the line. The only answer our elected leaders provide to these promises have been to increase taxes. This strategy is resulting in people fleeing the state by the thousands each year.

I want to work towards making legitimate legal reforms in order to encourage people to not only stay, but also to encourage people to come back home to Illinois.

This can be accomplished if we begin holding government employees accountable for criminal acts, take back pensions from undeserving elected officials, make Illinois more business friendly, institute criminal reform, and promote competition among health insurance companies through deregulation — to name just a few issues needing addressed.

If I am elected to the office of Attorney General on November 6th, I will do everything in my power to improve Illinois. I don’t care who’s toes I step on in the process, or who’s office I have to go after.

I firmly believe the Office of the Attorney General’s primary responsibility is to the people of Illinois, not to the government or special interest groups. With that in mind, as Attorney General, my duty, first and foremost is to the people of Illinois. My top priority in office would be to prosecute government officials not adhering to the duties for which they were elected.